Scientists keep milk fresh for 30 days

13 October 1998

Scientists keep milk fresh for 30 days

CONSUMERS in southern England are to test what could be the best development in milk since pasteurisation.

Technology developed by Canadian company Ault Foods claims to give milk a fridge shelf-life of 30 days or more.

MD Foods, the UK subsidiary of the Danish dairy group producing the milk, claims the PurFiltre technology also makes the milk taste cleaner than ordinary fresh milk.

Ault, which has licensed its technology to MD Foods, claims that a process of ceramic microfiltration removes almost all bacteria from its milk.

MD Foods has spent £7.5m building a self-contained unit at its dairy in Hatfield Peverel, Essex.

The unit has the capacity to process 150m litres of milk a year.If the trial goes well, the company will build a second dairy at Leeds.

  • Financial Times 13/10/98 page 16

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