Scotland eases virus restrictions

20 June 2001

Scotland eases virus restrictions

By FWi staff

FOOT-AND-MOUTH restrictions have been eased in Scotland to allow freer movement of cattle and pigs, the Executive has announced.

Cattle and pigs will be allowed to move under licence from farms in the At Risk Areas to Provisionally Free Areas.

Pigs will be also be able to move under licence from one Provisionally Free Area to another, subject to strict controls.

This relaxation will enable weaners to be moved from Aberdeenshire into Provisionally Free Areas in England for fattening.

Controls are also eased to allow up to three pick-ups of pigs going to slaughter in Provisionally Free Area.

Vets will need no longer attend collection centres in these areas.

The last case of foot-and-mouth was last month, bringing the total in Scotland to 187.

Minister for Environment and Rural Development said Ross Finnie said there will be further relaxation as soon as possible.

He said Provisionally Free Areas could be extended southwards to take in administrative areas which have never had any cases of foot and mouth.

This would be determined by of blood testing currently being carried out on sheep in the At Risk Area.

Mr Finnie added that restrictions should be lifted for most of Stewartry in Dumfriesshire and Galloway in the near future.


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