Scots angle on end of calf scheme

10 August 1999

Scots angle on end of calf scheme

THE end of the Calf Processing Aid Scheme (CPAS) is leaving many Scottish dairy farmers in a quandary, reports The Herald.

Producers who were receiving £47 a head now get nothing with the result that thousands of calves will be unwanted as the calving season for dairy herds nears its peak.

The newspaper quotes sources to suggest that many will be slaughtered on farm and disposed of either by burying, or processed for dog meat.

In the last full year of the CPAS, 670,000 calves were processed in the UK, which is around 200,000 more than were exported live to the Continent for veal production before the ban.

The Scottish National Farmers Union is expected to meet Ross Finnie, the minister for rural affairs, to consider the options.

Under consideration will also be the state of the cull ewe market.

One indication of the plight of that market is that at auctions taking place last week ewes were being sold by the pen rather than on headage.

The Herald reports one case in which a lot of 30 ewes earned the farmer a gross return of £9, after haulage and commission.

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