Scots expecting balanced view of countryside

23 April 1999

Scots expecting balanced view of countryside

SCOTTISH landowners expect the new Scottish Parliament to take a balanced view of commercial, environmental, and social interests in the countryside and to avoid any urban/rural split.

"We want a recognition that the appearance of our countryside stems not from an accident of nature but from generations of expert management on which businesses, employment, and communities depend," said a spokesman for the Scottish Landowners Federation.

"We will not stand in the way of change but we will resist any attempt to rewrite history without a full evaluation of the consequences. We are particularly concerned about a reform agenda being driven by those trying to out-tartan each other," he said, referring to Labour and SNP land reform proposals.

"We believe that conditions should still apply to land where they are shown to be relevant and useful. Of course, we have no wish to defend unreasonable and outdated interference by one person against the property of another."

The SLF also promised to continue to take an active part in finding ways of allowing greater access to the countryside.

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