Scots farmers ask for fair milk system

05 November 1998

Scots farmers ask for fair milk system

THE Scottish National Farmers Union has outlined its position to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission inquiry into Milk Marque.

Peter Chapman, SNFU vice-president, said: “Farmers must be free to decide who they will sell their milk to – and co-operatives are the best answer for producers.

“It is important that co-ops are allowed to decide whether or not they wish to get into processing or not. That is vital to the whole debate.”

The union sees no need for change to the selling system operated by Scottish Milk. It also wholeheartedly supports the farmers right to decide where they sell their milk.

The union has also confirmed its call for the Government to continue the calf-processing scheme, which has provided an outlet for calves in the wake of the BSE.

Mr Chapman warned that the ending of this calf scheme could create problems.

Its continuation particularly benefit support to the dairy sector, which is the main source of calves, he said.

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