Scots union warns on sewage sludge

14 December 1998

Scots union warns on sewage sludge

By FWi staff

THE Scottish NFU has cast doubt on the acceptability of spreading of sewage sludge on farmland as a method of disposal.

Speaking at a conference on organic waste spread to land, union legal and commercial convenor Henry Murdoch said that there is a lot of pressure on farmers to become waste disposal contractors.

But before they are able to do so, they have to convince retailers that theres no hazard to the public, he said.

“Retailers wont go against public opinion, and nor will we,” he said.

“I know that the end of dumping at sea means that the urban population has to find some of getting rid of sewage sludge. But if its not OK to dump it at sea, why should it be all right to dump it on farms?,” said Mr Murdoch.

He suggested that it could be burned and then the ash could go into landfill sites. “But that only raises the question of where to put the incinerators.

“So spreading it on farmland seems to be the favoured option,” he said.

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