Scots virus scare after English visit

28 August 2001

Scots virus scare after English visit

By FWi staff

SIX farms in Scotland are now under restriction after being visited by a Northumberland farmer whose holding is infected with foot-and-mouth.

Cattle and sheep on the Scottish farms will be kept under close observation for at least 21 days and may then be tested, said the Scottish Executive.

A farmer from an infected holding in the Allendale of Northumberland had visited the farms north of the border to buy sheep, it is believed.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the individual concerned wore protective clothing and disinfected his vehicle before and after visiting the farms.

It is understood that he did not handle livestock while in Scotland.

But all Scottish farmers have been urged to restrict the number of people and vehicles coming onto their farms to prevent the disease re-infecting the country.

NFU Scotland President Jim Walker said: “This latest development just goes to show how vulnerable Scotland still is to foot-and-mouth.

It is hoped that the restrictions placed on these farms in the Borders are just precautionary, but these types of movements can so easily spread disease.


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