Scottish beekeepers face hive restrictions

07 September 1998

Scottish beekeepers face hive restrictions

SCOTTISH beekeepers are facing a ban on the movement of hives in the latest round of the battle against varroa mites.

The mite has spread throughout Europe. The ban is an attempt to preserve the viability of Scotlands £2 million honey industry, which has some 10 commercial units.

The Scottish Office has already warned beekeepers in Dumfries and Galloway not to move hives outside the notifiable disease area and is enforcing the ban with threats of imposing £5000 fines.

There have been outbreaks as far apart as Grampian, Sutherland, Dunblane and St Andrews.

Margaret Lear, of the Scottish Agricultural College, warns that the mite could wipe out Scottish bee stocks completely.

  • The Herald 07/09/98 page 17

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