Scottish NFUs beef-on-bone export drive

21 August 1998

Scottish NFUs beef-on-bone export drive

THE Scottish NFU is to press the government to end the ban on home sales of beef-on-the-bone and will then seek EU approval to extend the date-based export scheme to include bone-in beef.

"We must have a scheme that delivers a real export trade to our farmers. There is a definite demand waiting for our product in Europe. But that demand is at the very top end of the market and much of it is for beef-on-the-bone," union vice-president Jim Walker told a meeting of Dumfries and Stewartry farmers.

"There is no point in having a scheme unless it delivers a real export trade. The Northern Ireland scheme has seen one token pallet of beef exported.

"That is no good to us. We need to get our own ban lifted and then move to amend the date-based export scheme."

George Lyon, SNFU president, confirmed that an early meeting was being sought with government ministers and officials to push the case. "Unless we have something which yields results in terms of exports, farmers are going to become totally disillusioned and query all the traceability and other bureaucracy that is being demanded of them," he said.

Mr Lyon was also concerned that the timetable for the date-based scheme was slipping. &#42

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