Scottish pig giant fights for survival

24 August 1998

Scottish pig giant fights for survival

By FWi staff

ONE of Scotlands biggest pig producers is fighting for survival amid rumours that it is on the verge of bankruptcy.

The jobs of 150 workers at Arthur Simmers Ltd, of Aberdeenshire, are under threat as part of a plan being considered by company officials to try to ride out the pig crisis.

Arthur Simmers Ltd is one of the biggest pig-breeding companies in Europe. It is understood to have suffered heavy losses as pig prices crashed over recent months.

The Liberal Democrat MP for Gordon, Malcolm Bruce, is due to meet with Arthur Simmers tomorrow night (Tuesday) to discuss the companys situation.

Mr Bruce has made representations to Scottish farm minister, Lord Sewel, to press home the plight faced by employees.

It is feared that the knock-on effects on the local economy will be catastrophic if the company goes under. Many nearby farmers rely on Arthur Simmers as a major buyer of barley.

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