Scunthorpe to run on dead cow power

06 October 1998

Scunthorpe to run on dead cow power

By FWi staff

SUNDAY dinner may never be the same again – at least for junior farm minister Elliot Morley and his constituents in North Lincolnshire.

Mr Morley and his constituents face the prospect of cooking roast dinners and lighting their homes using electricity generated from the remains of cows.

Electricity generator Fibrogen, which runs a power station just outside Scunthorpe, has won the first tender to burn meat and bonemeal from animals slaughtered under a Government scheme to control BSE.

The company expects to burn 260 tonnes of meat and bonemeal a day from cattle slaughtered under the Over Thirty Months Scheme, and provide electricity for 24,000 local homes.

The Government hopes the move will lead to the incineration of 340,000 tonnes of meat and bone. The Fibrogen contract will run for a minimum of three years starting from mid-1999.

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