Sealing silage clamps the easy way

18 January 2002

Sealing silage clamps the easy way

ARE you fed up with moving dirty tyres on and off your silage clamp? French farmers have been using a quick, clean and efficient system to seal silage clamps which makes tyres redundant, claim UK distributors APS.

The system has three components, but producers can buy them separately. Silobags are filled with gravel, then inserted in to the Easilo Tube and placed over the Silonet to provide an airtight seal, says the company. A single layer of black polythene is still required over the silage.

The components are made from a textile treated against UV breakdown and come with a UV stability guarantee for five years.

Silobags cost from 75p each, Silonet starts at £1.10/sq m and Easilo Tube and Silobags combined cost is £1.60/m length (01884-257707, fax 01884-259555).

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