Seasonal blip in deadweight cattle values

By FWi staff

DEADWEIGHT cattle values have been gradually on the slide since the start of March but made a slight recovery yesterday (Wednesday).

Since the start of last month, deadweight steer values fell 4.7p at to 176p/kg while heifers dropped over 5p at 168p/kg. Young bulls held better, easing just over 1p to 174.9p/kg.

But this is nothing unusual, with values historically easing in March. An increase in cattle as they come out of retention is usually to blame for the fall in values.

However, prices rose by up to 2p yesterday on the back of increased demand and a slight drop in numbers. However, this is just a seasonal blip in the market, noted Tim Bastable of Midland Meat Packers: “Its not the beginning of a return to profit.”

Mr Bastable expects values to remain stable in the short term, but admits that May and June are often difficult as demand slips back.

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