Secrets and lice…

15 October 1999

Secrets and lice…

DESPITE reports in Vet Record that 29% of producers taking part in a study of over 1000 dairy farms reported lice in their herds, lice are not the problem they once were, says cattle vet, Clive Norrell.

"Young stock once brought lice into herds. But now most are well wormed so they dont carry lice."

With louse powders no longer licensed, eprinomectin (Eprinex) is the only treatment in adult dairy cattle with no withdrawal period, according to Mr Norrell. But at £7 a cow, most producers find it too expensive for all but the most severe infestations, he says.

"Where there is only a low grade lice infestation, ignore it."

It will go away in the summer. But where the infestation gets out of hand, eprinomectin should be used."

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