Secure – and never mind the weather

3 September 1999


Window kits to foil Land Rover thieves

LAND Rovers are often a prime target for break-ins – especially when parked in remote fields where no one is about.

To prevent thieves lifting out window glass – rubber seals and all – Plowman Bros offers two security kits, each to fit alpine and rear windows.

The kits, which include two steel straps, span the width of windows and are secured in place with dome allen head screws and nyloc nuts. The kits are claimed to take about half an hour to fit.

Rear and alpine window kits are priced at £19.50 each. (01904-768230).

Mobile washer stops deposits build-up

ALTO Cleaning Systems has now introduced a mobile pressure washer designed to tackle agricultural tasks in soft water areas where a build up of deposits occur.

The KEW Technology 30HA Compact model incorporates a stainless steel coil in place of normal mild steel to reduce the build up of these pump damaging deposits.

Offering an electric motor driven 145-bar pump, the 30HA heats water to 150C creating steam for cleansing ingrained grease and oil.

A water flow of up to 570 litres/ hour is designed for effective flushing of dirt and debris, while a 10m (33ft) hose and 8m (26ft) cable allow access to remote cleaning areas. Prices are available on (01768-869322).

Secure – and never mind the weather

EMPTEEZY has now introduced a weatherproof storage cabinet which, the company claims, has sufficient capacity to store up to 10t of goods.

Comprising two decks, the Rackstor holds up to 2.6t on each of its four bays – each of which can be adjusted in size to accommodate different load sizes.

For security, the container features lockable galvanised steel doors with recessed pull handles.

Price is £3450. (01506-430309).

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