Segregation in store is the key to campaign

23 August 2002

Segregation in store is the key to campaign

VARIETY and quality segregation in store will be crucial to make the most of this seasons variable quality, says Gleadell Agricultures David Sheppard.

And he is not just talking about Group 1 and 2 milling wheats, he stresses.

"If you have any Group 3 varieties with Hagberg over 200, specific weight over 74 and protein over 10.5 keep them separate. From an exporters point of view Claire, Consort and Riband are much easier to export than Group 4s such as Deben, Tanker and Napier."

While harvest pressures can be difficult to manage, with £3-4/t premiums probable it will be worth growers while if at all possible, he says.

"One farmer we spoke to this week had just forfeited £3-4/t by dumping 100t of hard wheat on a 500t pile of softs. That could have cost him £2000."

While protein and specific weight can be blended, Hagberg cant, he adds. "If you add 80 Hagberg wheat to 300 Hagberg you end up with 80 Hagberg." &#42

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