Sewel to call for more integratedapproach to rural development

05 June 1998

Sewel to call for more integrated
approach to rural development

LORD SEWEL, Scottish Office agriculture minister, will today (Friday) call for a more integrated approach to rural development with people at its centre.

He will tell the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities conference in Perth on rural policy that agriculture can no longer be the keystone for development in the countryside.

He said defining rural development as only agriculturally related was to take a narrow view.

Lord Sewel said he was disappointed by the overall context of the European Commissions proposals to reform the Common Agriculture Policy. He warned that political pressure had, in effect, torpedoed integrated rural development strategies, and that the focus of Agenda 2000 remains on traditional farm production.

  • The Scotsman 05/06/98 page 30

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