Sheets into drops

6 August 1999

Easy stretch cut

STANDING on a rickety step-ladder is often a recipe for disaster when trimming tall hedges.

Sthil has made this stretch safer and easier by launching a range of shaft mounted hedge trimmers.

The HL75 and HL75K models have respective reaches of 2.4m (8ft 10in) and 2m (6ft 6in). Depending on application, both versions are available with either a straight cutter bar, angled at 30í, or one angled between 0í and 90í.

Power is from a 1.2hp two-stroke engine which is started by an ElastroStart starter handle to ensure smooth operation.

The cutting heads are available to fit standard strimmers and are priced from £450 to £515 (0800-137574).

Big drums moved safely on mini-pallet

TRANSPORTING oil drums on pallets can sometimes be risky when travelling on rough ground or slopes.

To improve handling safety and efficiency, Omex Agriculture has launched a new mini pallet for carrying large drums.

The mini pallets are strapped to the base of a single 200-litre or 210-litre drum allowing for safe transport with a forklift.

Individual pallets can also be fitted on to one large pallet to allow delivery of four drums at once.

Meeting HSE guidelines, the pallets are designed for distributors and large farmers. For prices and information contact (01553-76001).

Sheets into drops

UNBLOCKING roof gutters is a thankless task which is often left until rainwater overflows.

Doing away with those wet weather blues, Ensor Building Products now offers a water deflector fitting in place of a normal gutter. Supplied in 1.50m (5ft) sections, the Rainhandler features angled louvers which deflects sheets of rain running off roofs into thousands of droplets.

The droplets are claimed to disperse gently 60cm to 120cm (2ft to 4ft) away from buildings so as not damage footings.

Made from aluminium, the Rainhandler also eliminates the formation of ice dams, a problem encountered with gutters. Prices and information are available on (01254-52244).

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