Silage additive safe & tackle-friendly

12 March 1999


Electric waistcoat is a hot property

KEEP yourself warm when outdoors by wearing a Coldbuster heated waistcoat from manufacturer DC Heat.

Waistcoats are manufactured from FabRoc fabric which generates heat when activated by a low voltage battery pack carried in the waistcoat. Each recharge of the battery can give up to five hours of warmth, depending on how long the Coldbuster is switched on, says the company.

The waistcoats save on wearing bulky layers which can restrict movement, and are lightweight and waterproof, adds DC Heat.

Available direct, waistcoats come complete with battery and charger, and cost £80 including postage (01506-494966, fax 01506-497154).

Boxing clever in egg incubation

INCREASE chick numbers born from small-scale poultry units using the artificial incubator Chicken and Egg Box, says manufacturer Brinsea.

Replacing the need for natural incubation, which delays females from resuming egg laying, the units can be used to incubate up to 42 hen eggs at a time, says Brinsea. Newly-hatched chicks can then be placed in a brooder and reared before sale as day-old poults or point-of-lay breeding birds.

The Chicken and Egg Box costs about £255 (01934-823039, fax 01934-820250).

Silage additive safe & tackle-friendly

REDUCE risk of injury to staff and wear to machines when applying silage additive by using GrasAAT, says manufacturer Hydro.

Classed as an irritant rather than a corrosive, GrasAAT contains ammonium tetraformate which releases free formic acid when in contact with fresh grass. This reduces pH, conversion of lactic acid and also cuts protein degradation, says the company. As a result, more plant sugars should be available to feed rumen microbes.

Available in 200-litre drums or 1000-litre, pallet-sized, plastic cubes, GrasAAT costs from 59p/litre and is applied at 4-5 litres/t fresh grass. Available direct from Hydro (01904-608673, fax 01904-608350).

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