Simpler S sources

25 January 2002

Simpler S sources

New fungicides not necessarily good

BASIC bulk fertiliser products should be the first step to countering sulphur deficiency, says ADASs Andrew Wells.

"Before you get pulled down the posh product route look at the cheap and cheerful options," he says.

Organic manures, gypsum and ammonium sulphate can all deliver lots of the nutrient at relatively low cost. Ammonium sulphate crystals are particularly cost-effective for home-mix liquid users.

"Fertilisers such as Sulphur Gold or Double Top are a rather expensive source of sulphur, but OK if you only require a little.

"Beware elemental sulphurs such as Thiovit or Tiger 90. The responses are often poor and do not give good value for money compared to the bulk sources." &#42

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