Six-row feed promise

28 January 2000

Six-row feed promise

GROW six-row winter barley for feed rather than trying to secure a malting premium, urged a leading Scottish agronomist.

As far as I am concerned I would strongly advise growers in Scotland who are thinking of growing winter barley for malting to grow for feed instead, especially if they can use a six-row variety," said Allen Scobie of Scottish Agronomy.

His trials at three sites show Manitou outyielding popular malting type Melanie by 1.15t/ha (0.46t/acre), worth £80/ha (£32/acre) at £70/t. On a 9.15t/ha crop of Melanie that requires a premium of £9/t or 12.5% to break-even, assuming the entire crop makes malting grade, Mr Scobie said.

"Feed may not be considered a real market, but farmers are growing for survival here and if managed for feed the six-row would yield even higher." &#42

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