Six-way tank mixes need care with use

30 March 2001

Six-way tank mixes need care with use

UP to six-way tank-mixes are being supported by a distributor this spring to help growers get on with much needed sprays.

But before applying such cocktails growers must check compatibility, crop vigour, weather, water volume and the order the products go in the tank, says Agrovista agronomist Nick Mudd.

"Water dispersible granules and powders should go in the tank first, then the liquid products and finally the micronutrients," he says. Mini-mum water volume should be 150 litres/ha and frosts need avoiding.

Reducing the pH of the water to 4.5 with a product such as BB5 will help multi-product mixes disperse and act as a penetrant for pgrs. But BB5 should not be used if a herbicide is in the tank. Broad-leaved herbicides such as Eagle (amidosulfuron) or Boxer (florasulam) can typically go in multi-mixes, but Mr Mudd advises caution with graminicides. "The ones to watch are any of the contact blackgrass or wild oat killers, such as Hawk or Cheetah."

Deficiencies such as manganese must be corrected and the variety Shamrock is best avoided with big mixes, he adds. "It is more susceptible to damage."

Within those confines, a GS31 mix of BB5, chlormequat, Moddus (trinexapac-ethyl), strobilurin, triazole and manganese can be perfectly safe and save at least one pass.

"That time saving can be very valuable if you have got a lot of work in front of you." &#42

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