Small burner makes it red hot for weeds

23 August 2002

Small burner makes it red hot for weeds

GREEN Dragon Flamings range of thermal weed control equipment now includes a version designed for use in the small farm/horticultural industries.

The Micro Dragon is described as a lightweight versatile flame weeding machine which could find favour with growers of fruit, vegetables and top fruit, whether it is an organic regime or a need to reduce pesticide use.

Just as with the companys larger machines – the range extends to models having a 6m working width – LPG is burnt to create heat which destroys weeds and control crop disease.

Available with a variety of options, the Micro Dragon can be built to suit a customers own specification – it can, for example, be equipped with retractable arms for applying direct heat at ground level under tree canopies.

Price of the unit starts at about £4500 and running costs, says the manufacturer are typically £6/acre for weed control or £12/hour. &#42

For the horticultural or smaller farmer, the Micro Dragon burns LPG to control weeds and crop diseases.

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