SNFU urges backing for early retirement

06 May 1998

SNFU urges backing for early retirement

THE National Farmers Union of Scotlands vice-president Jim Brown said farming needed an early retirement scheme or preferably an “outgoers” scheme.

Commenting on the unions submission to the Scottish Office on the Governments proposed early retirement scheme, Mr Brown said a “dignified way out” must be open to all types of farmers and available in all parts of the country.

He said this was the major flaw with the Governments proposal and represented a missed opportunity.

He said many livestock farmers could not afford to leave the industry because the value of their cattle had halved in the past two years. Many farmers had pinned their retirement hopes on the value of their herds, he said.

Mr Brown said the Government must accept some responsibility for finding ways to keep the industry with fewer farmers in business.

  • The Scotsman 06/05/98 page 31

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