Society pays warranty bill

5 April 2002

Society pays warranty bill

BUYERS of pedigree Simmental cows can purchase stock safe in the knowledge that the bill for the National Beef Associations breeding warranty will be picked up by the British Simmental Cattle Society.

Roger Trewhella, BSCS general secretary, says the society was prompted to cover the warranty by the prospect of a busy selling season this summer. It will pick up the tab for any registered pedigree females up to 10 years old that are purchased between Apr 1 and Aug 31.

The female warranty, which costs £2/cow at a BSCS sale and £5 for each private sale, will ensure that farmers who buy Simmental females are protected against cow infertility.

The warranty lays out ground rules to overcome problems getting cows in-calf and should prevent squabbling over management changes that could have affected this if a cow proves to be barren, adds Mr Trewhella. &#42

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