Somerset farmers get flood aid co-ordinators

Flood-hit farmers in Somerset are being helped by the appointment of two agricultural co-ordinators in a unique partnership deal between the NFU and Somerset County Council.

Somerset County Council will host and manage the two new post holders, who are being seconded from the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group South West (FWAG SW).

The co-ordinators – Abigail Vickery and Ann Langdon – will take on the day-to-day management of the distribution of fodder and bedding, generously donated or pledged by the agricultural community around the country.

They will also provide help for farmers to access the support they will need to get back into full-scale production, improving their resilience to future flooding.

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The NFU said it was “delighted” that Somerset County Council was funding the co-ordinators for 12 months, as they would provide vital support for struggling farmers in the coming months.

The union is also very grateful to FWAG SW for its assistance.

Melanie Squires, NFU South West regional director, said: “A big thank-you must also go to all the partners, including local volunteers, related charities and all at Sedgemoor Market who have supported the emergency relief effort to farmers on the Somerset Levels to date, who I know will still be helping the co-ordinators as we progress through the ‘recovery’ phase.”

A Somerset County Council spokesman said: “We have recognised throughout the flooding crisis that our farmers will need continued help, and therefore we were very happy to be able to support them in this way”.

Both co-ordinators are now in post and ready to assist farming families and their businesses – and they can be contacted by calling 01823 355 427 or by email: and respectively.

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