South Africa to export more maize

29 July 1998

South Africa to export more maize

SOUTH AFRICA will export more than 700,000 tonnes of white maize to its neighbours in 1998/99 in its biggest grain shipping operation since 1992/93.

The country expects a crop of 7.1 million tonnes, comprising 4.3m tonnes of white maize and 2.8m tonnes of yellow maize.

John Gordon, chairman of the South African Grain and Produce Shippers Association, said South Africa would reduce its maize surplus by exporting to Botswana, Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

He was concerned about the ability of Zimbabwean railways to move it from the border to inland silos.

About 60,000 tonnes has already been ferried to Zimbabwe and the rest will take until March to transport.

  • Financial Times 29/07/98 page 34

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