Soya soars as shippers run short

By FWi staff

SOYA prices soared this week when a number of the major shippers started to run out of supplies.

In an otherwise static week, soyabean meal hi-pro has risen £10 to £140/t and Brazilian 48% pellets and meal climbed £11 to £138/t.

One shipper has sold all its allocation until the middle of May, said David Clarke of KW Alternative Feeds.

Talks between the USA and Russia on possible food aid have also helped the market to rise, and theres very little carry-over stock at all now, he said.

“Every year shippers get this problem. In the past they have been left with stocks in April at turn-out time, which is a drain on resources,” noted Mr Clark.

This year the two main shippers have restricted their shipping programme and this has put pressure on spot prices, he said.

Mr Clark expects prices to continue to rise until the end of May, when the Brazilian crop will be harvested and suppliers become easier.

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