Special-case status urged for Cairngorms

08 April 1998

Special-case status urged for Cairngorms

THE Cairngorms Partnership appealed to the Government to make farmers and crofters in the Cairngorms a special case.

It urged a quadrupling of the minimum support payment to encourage environmentally-friendly farming. It said preferential grants should be tried to support farmers and crofters using good agricultural practices which it believes would help protect “a unique environment”, maintain a rural community and be an essential step towards national park status.

It claims such a pilot scheme would also be an opportunity to help offset reduced payments to farmers from a changed European farm policy being discussed as part of Agenda 2000.

The partnership is a private company which charitable status. It was responding to Government plans to merge all existing environmental support schemes for farmers in Scotland.

  • The Scotsman 08/04/98 page 30

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