Spiby sale

23 October 1998

Spiby sale

hits a high

THE highest dairy sale average this year was at the sale of the milking portion of the Spiby familys Olympian herd of Holsteins last week. The event, which offered gilt-edged Holstein genetics, levelled 115 head at £2229 and produced a top price of 9000gns.

Cattle were moved to Penrith from Sussex on the retirement of Geoff Spiby from the farm partnership. Chris Spiby and herdsman Ron Miller will rebuild the herd.

Alan Bristow secured stock for his Alanta herd, paying the two top prices for daughters of Delta Cleitus Jabot.

Painley Jabot Kimo 15th, a young cow with an ITEM of +£125, made 9000gns and Olympian Jabot Fifi carrying a Cleitus Luke calf made 8500gns.

Cheshire breeders John and Valerie Barlow paid 6600gns for Olympian Celsius Milkmaid which has just completed a heifer lactation of 11,000kg and D P Day and Son, Cleveland paid 6400gns for Olympian Celsius Sundae for their Bickleygate herd.

Philip Green of Newton Hall Farms, Skipton, North Yorks paid up to 5200gns for a Dombinator daughter. A Blackstar daughter cost Paul Bradley 5000gns for his Crockers herd on the Isle of Wight.

AVERAGES: 71 cows and calved heifers £2555; seven served heifers £2152; 14 maiden heifers £1781 and two bulls £1785. (Norton and Brooksbank) &#42

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