Spike shifts bales

8 October 1999


Power source with spiral wound cells

TRACTOR batteries get their fair share of rough and tough abuse when used in demanding applications such as ploughing and pto work.

A compact 12v battery designed for high vibration resistance and robustness has been introduced by Optima Batteries.

Known as the RedTop 925, the battery includes spiral wound cells, rather than the usual sensitive flat plates used in lead acid batteries.

The 15kg maintenance-free battery features a sealed electrolyte and is claimed to be fully recyclable. Prices and further information are available on (01243-512801).

Vehicle rifle rest

SHOOTING vermin from a vehicle at night can be a hazardous process – especially when trying to juggle rifle, spot lamp and steering wheel.

Holme Park Game Hatcheries claims to have found an answer by developing a windowsill rifle rest that enables the driver to perform all three at once.

Known as the Solo Rest, the device is designed to fit over the driver or passenger windowsill of nearly every commercial vehicle.

Supplied complete with one million candlepower lamp, the rest features a wide frame for a broad target range. Price is £200. (01483-203515)

Sensors measure moisture levels

AS grain merchants become more selective, being able to tell precise moisture levels is essential if the risk of rejection is to be minimised.

Sinar Technology has introduced a sensor and monitoring control unit capable, it says, of measuring moisture levels within plus or minus half a percent.

Compatible with continuous and batch flow driers, the DryPro moisture system features an electronic control unit for use with up to four sensors.

In standard form, the system includes two sensors which are used to measure grain moisture and temperatures at the top and bottom of the storage vessel. The sensors then send the information to the control unit which provides of the sensor visual and printed read-outs. Price £1795. (01276-671620)

Spike shifts bales

HITCHING on the front loader to shift just a few bales around is rarely worth the time and effort involved.

Assistance may come in the form of a heavy duty folding twin bale spike which is now available from Spaldings.

Attached to a tractors front or rear linkage, both round and large square bales can be conveniently handled with the device, says the company.

Mounted on an A-frame, the bale spike can be tilted safely out of the way during transport and then lowered into position for work.

Supplied with linkage pins and clips, price is £235. (01522-500600)

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