Spinster evicted from farm after 68 years

13 March 1998

Spinster evicted from farm after 68 years

MARY BAWDEN, a 68-year-old spinster was evicted from a hill-top farmhouse after living there all her life.

, Ms Bawden of Newland Farm, near Exford, Somerset, lost a High
Court case which said the house where she was born should be sold and
the estimated £1 million proceeds divided between her family.

Her brother Kenneth, 74, brought the case after their mother died
without a will. The court ruled that a written note promising Ms
Bawden a “home for life” was not legally acceptable.

Ms Bawden claimed that she has worked the land for 16 hours every
day, seven days a week, since the age of 14. She has asked the Royal
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to find homes for her
17 cows.

  • The Daily Telegraph 13/03/98 page 5

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