Spirits high despite a wet weekends walk

12 November 1999

Spirits high despite a wet weekends walk

THE typically British comment of "Its a bit damp" was the understatement of the FWC walking weekend in Shropshire.

With rain coming down in stair rods on our final walk, the spirits of our intrepid party were not at all like the weather.

On the first walk of the weekend it was a joy to hear the party chattering as they climbed the Shropshire hills and surprising they could manage both activities, as those hills are steep!

It was a pity that the weather was unkind as most of us had to abandon Ragleth Hill and retreat to the woods for shelter. The cry went up "To the Woods, to the woods" and "Ill tell the vicar" – "I am the vicar," replied Rev. Michael Balchin, husband of Angela of Merioneth FWC.

There was a little bit of insubordination in the ranks and six walkers formed a splinter group and disappeared completely from sight into the cloud but on their return boasted of the brilliant sunshine found over the other side – I wonder!

Saturday evenings entertainment for half of the party who were staying at the Travellers Rest Inn, Upper Affcot was led by a party of disappointed Welshmen on their return from their countrys defeat in the Rugby World Cup. The singing was tremendous, the repartee with the Gloucester gang of farm women was hilarious and it made the evening for all of them. The other half of our party enjoyed a more sedate evening after dinner at the Belvedere Guest House, Church Stretton trying to find the answers to a quiz I had left them.

Another successful weekend over far too quickly – watch out for details of where the next one will be.

Jean Howells

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