Spot pig prices encourage

By FWi staff

THE spot market for pigs has seen another week of encouraging prices, with a slight increase recorded.

However, contract prices remain unchanged.

The most recent Bank Holiday saw many markets operate a normal trading day.

Although numbers were slightly down at almost 2300 head, demand for bacon pigs was unaffected with Meat & Livestock Commission figures recording an average price of 71.4p/kg.

Porker and cutter values were down, dragging the all-pigs average to 66.4p/kg compared with this weeks 72.3p/kg.

As the week progressed and processors resumed normal killing schedules, trade by Thursday had recovered to see porkers averaging 75.3p/kg, cutters at 73.9p/kg and baconers at 70.3p/kg.

“Overall, the holidays caused very little disruption,” commented Driffield, East Yorkshire-based auctioneer Paul Butler, who saw 225 clean pigs pass through the market.

His view was typical of many centres.

There have been small gains in the spot market which have helped nudge up the adjusted Euro-spec average. But major pig plants have not been encouraged to increase their contract prices.

With liveweight numbers accounting for about 5% of trade, processors still hold the majority stake in judging whether any movement in demand is sufficient to influence their weekly price.

Malton Bacons contract remained at 88p/kg before quality bonuses, worth an additional 6p/kg, are added.

Glanbia and Dalehead were held at 93.5p/kg and 94p/kg, respectively

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