Spray approval change

25 July 1997

Spray approval change

CEREAL fungicide seed treatments no longer need to control all the major seed diseases of cereals to gain approval.

The move follows a period since 1992 when organomercury seed treatments were banned. The regulatory authorities felt that replacement products should control a similar range of diseases to avoid disease problems developing where growers overlooked limited label claims.

Products can now secure approval even if they do not control all the major seed-borne diseases, the Pesticides Safety Direcotrate explains in the Pesticides Register.

Its reasoning is that growers are more aware of seed borne diseases and the need to target them.

lNew approvals for Cibas Beret Gold (fludioxonil) seed treatment extend its use to the treatment of spring wheat (fusarium and bunt) and oats (fusarium and leaf spot). The product also has full approval for the control of soil-borne bunt. &#42

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