Spray late OSR ASAP

29 January 1999

Spray late OSR ASAP

LATE drilled and backward oilseed rape crops at risk from Phoma need treating as soon as possible.

Fungicide dose rates will need revising upwards and the addition of the adjuvant, Arma, could help.

"Many small crops have yet to receive their first spray and it is exactly these crops which are damaged the most by Phoma," says Richard Newman of Interagro.

The extra help of Arma, which is based on alkyoxylated fatty amine together with a novel wetting system and buffer, added to products such as Plover (difenoconazole) or Punch C (flusilazole + carbendazim) will help coverage and penetration of the crop and will allow the active fungicide element to do its job to best effect, he says. &#42

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