Spread semen buys around

23 January 1998

Spread semen buys around

DAIRY producers should buy small quantities of semen from several countries, choosing the top sires each has to offer.

Marco Winters of Cogent said that kgs of fat and protein will be important in the future, but advises against selecting on fat and protein % that may lower kgs produced.

To keep replacement costs down, type trait selection should produce animals with good longevity and that makes the milkers life easier.

These traits were teat length, feet and legs and locomotion, producing cows which were not very tall with strong front end width and capacity.

Bull proof reliability should be above 75%, and batch sizes should not exceed 20-30 straws because of changes in index runs. Dont compromise on quality because of price, he added.

UK prices have started to come down and good semen should be available at about £15 a straw.

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