Spreader rate on-line

22 March 2002

Spreader rate on-line

AMAZONE is the latest fertiliser spreader company to offer an on-line database to provide its customers with a system which automatically calculates the settings according to the data input selection (spreader type, spreading width, speed and fertiliser).

The database contains setting information for the whole range of Amazone spreader machinery – ZA-X, ZA-M and ZG-B – and all possible spreading combinations. The information is generated in Amazones own test hall and laboratory in Germany and, says the company, constantly expanded for new fertiliser data.

When spreading an unusual fertiliser type not listed, a 3kg sample can be send to Amazones UK Fertiliser Testing Service in Doncaster. The fertiliser will then be tested individually to provide accurate spreader settings. Amazones web site is www.amazone.co.uk &#42

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