Spreading value on manure in sheds

14 May 1999

Spreading value on manure in sheds

SAVE straw and increase the value of farm manure when it is still in the pig or cattle shed, using Imtec which reduces the ammonia normally lost to the atmosphere, says UK supplier Imperial-Biotech.

The product, which introduces beneficial bacteria, can reduce straw use by 25% and pens can be mucked out less frequently – in some cases only once every six months, says the company. Imtec for Bedding is said to produce a compost and insoluble amino acids and can double the nitrogen available to plants.

When Imtec for Slurry is used, slurry maintains its consistency, removing the crust and sediment elements, it adds. A version for cubicles absorbs water, keeping beds dry.

The Imtec products are spread weekly and cost from £55 for a 25kg bag. Using Imtec in a straw yard costs about £8 a cow for a six-month winter (01622-741113, fax 01622-741003).

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