Spud grader fast – and easy on tubers

18 December 1998

Spud grader fast – and easy on tubers

LATEST product from Reekie Manufacturing is a potato grader built with quite short dimensions yet capable of grading a large volume of crop, with minimal tuber damage.

The Tumble Grader uses a plastic coated sizing trace running loosely over a series of electrically powered rollers to create a wave motion, an arrangement which effectively increases the area over which the potatoes can be separated.

"There is no agitation, the tubers just roll on the peaks and troughs set up by the combination of the traces forward travel," says Reekies sales director, Alistair Napier.

Two versions of the Tumble Grader are available. On single size models, tubers of the required size fall through the traces grid on to a take off conveyor; on double grade versions, they first fall on to an intermediate trace for secondary sizing.

Grading belts – for all tuber sizes – are 2m (6.6ft) long in 100cm, 1.5m and 2m (3.3ft/5ft/6.6ft) widths, and the speed of the drive rollers can be adjusted to vary the intensity of the wave motion.

Prices start at £8950 for a single size model fitted with a 100cm wide trace. &#42

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