Spud price tightens

By FWi staff

TOP potato prices have tightened this week, with falls of up to £30/tonne for Piper. However, this has been balanced by a slight increase of prices over the range. Producer prices are about £110-£150/t, while best chippers are £140-£170.

The bulk sector continues to look for good set skin samples, which attract £170-£200, compared with loose at £100-£140. King Edward bakers can make up to £250/t.

Packing material is from £100, although the majority is making £110-£150 with prices of £220 for baker material and top prices of £275/t. Reds are £125-£160 and can reach £240 for Edwards.

Multiples continue to be the main source for salad varieties paying £170-£200. Chipping material is most sought after for bagged samples and Piper prices range from £120-£180 with other fryers Ranging between £120-£150. Reds are £150-£170. Although general samples start from £80, prices mainly fall between £100-£120.

The British Potato Council weekly Great Britain ex-farm average price lost a further £1.43 to £134.61/t, compared with £60.88 last year and £69.34 in 1996.

The BPC blamed the slight drop in prices on a slump in processed prices. If processing purchases are excluded, the strength of the ware market has increased to £144.00 compared with £143.35 last week and £53.66 this time last year.

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