Spud prices steady as season ends quietly

By FWi staff

POTATO prices remain stagnant this week, with little change in the market as traders now realise that end of season trading will not be as buoyant as first thought.

Grade one bulk material continues to be stable, with prices starting at £170/t. The majority of sales are between £180-£250/t, and best Estima are at £250-£310/t. Piper are also strong at £270-£290/t, and Cara and Edward are trading as high as £300/t.

Grade two samples are starting from £120/t, with most value pack between £140-£170/t. Poor material is hard to move at about £80-£100/t, noted the British Potato Council.

Bag trade continues to be slow, with the majority of trade starting at £100/t, up to £180/t. Frying Piper is strong at £190-£220/t, with best material from £240-£260/t.

Processing spot is limited, with chipping samples trading between £100-£150/t and best material at £160-£170/t.

Crisping is difficult to find, said a spokesman from the BPC, with material trading between £100-£160/t. Peeling potatoes are down at £60-£90/t.

Despite stagnant trading conditions, the BPC GB weekly ex farm price eased £1.29 over the week to £173.98/t.

But processing purchases have strengthened the market, with the ware average climbing £2.62 to £182.34/t.

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