Spud weed-killer dropped in review

12 May 2000

Spud weed-killer dropped in review

MONOLINURON residual herbicide (as in Arresin) has become a casualty of the ECs review of older active ingredients.

But linuron (as in Afalon and other branded products) used widely by potato growers is being stoutly defended, says Aventis Ian Jewry.

Monolinuron and the fruit and hop insecticide pyrazophos (as in Afugan) are the two latest actives failing to achieve Annex 1 status under EC Directive 91/414/EEC.

There was never any intention to defend the latter at EU level, says Mr Jewry. And with the formers market limited mainly to the UK and Holland, supporting it with an updated data package was not commercially justified.

"Linuron is used worldwide and it is being supported. It is costing us a significant amount of money, and there is no question that it will get through. But it will take a long time."

The loss of the urea-based monolinuron, after the 18-month period of grace allowing existing stocks to be used up, will be more of a problem to vegetable growers than potato producers, he says.

With a wider weed control spectrum it is slightly more soluble than linuron, he notes. Pyrazophos is a systemic organophosphorus compound. &#42

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