Stallion – new Saxon

23 April 1999

Stallion – new Saxon

NEW provisionally recommended sugar beet variety Stallion is set to take up where Saxon left off, says breeder Novartis Seeds.

"We see it as a productive replacement for Saxon with all its characteristics and more," says marketing manager Lewis Dyer.

Sugar content is the highest available and growers income is third highest on the NIAB list. Tops are large and strong, and good bolting tolerance means it is suitable for early drilling, though not as early as Hilleshog stablemate Celt. Disease resistance is rated good by the breeder, and sugar yield is sixth highest of the 22 varieties currently recommended.

Novartis sees Stallions place in the field as an early lifting variety.

"Stallion completes our portfolio," says Mr Dyer.

&#8226 The NIAB recommended list of sugar beet varieties, released last Friday, describes Stallion as having: Moderate root yield, high sugar yield, high growers income, low total impurities, and low bolting from early sowings.

Resistance to rust and powdery mildew are rated five.

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