Stars line up to push UK produce

19 May 2000

Stars line up to push UK produce

By FWi staff

CELEBRITIES from the worlds of comedy and football have been lined up to persuade shoppers to buy British farm produce.

It was announced on Friday (19 May) that comedian Harry Enfield is to star in new Meat and Livestock Commission beef and lamb advertisements.

His popular character “Tim Nice-But-Dim” will feature in the promotion alongside the slogan “If he can cook it, anyone can”.

This follows news that Manchester United legend George Best is to star in the first generic campaign for milk since 1994.

Jointly funded by UK dairy farmers through the Milk Development Council, and UK dairies through the Dairy Industry Federation, the 18-month National Dairy Council campaign will cost 9 million.

This promotion is being launched at a time when the dairy industry is in crisis, with farmgate prices as low as 15ppl – a 30-year low in real terms.

Desperate farmers have resorted to blockading depots and spilling milk in protest at low prices received from supermarkets.

Perhaps mindful of this, the council dismissed press speculation that Mr Best will be paid 500,000 for his contribution.

It said the figure was “greatly exaggerated”.

The TV and poster campaign, launched on 19 June, aims to make milk drinkers everyday heroes, and emphasise milks true fat content through fun commercials, says the council.

Milk consumption is falling by 1% a year.

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