Steady weather helps speed potato lifting

By FWi staff

STABLE weather conditions have meant good harvesting conditions for growers, and lifting is now completed in Scotland.

Elsewhere in England and Wales progress has been good, although heavy soils in the Midlands is expected to hamper movement.

It is not likely many fields will be left to overwinter, unlike last year when 5000ha were left in the ground throughout the winter, noted the British Potato Council in its weekly price report.

The quality end of the market continues to demand good premiums as growers put crops into store. But those with poorer material are eager to move stocks as soon as possible.

Top price, other than for specialist lines, is now £110/t for a few Edwards in East Anglia, said the BPC.

“Elsewhere bulk grade 1 are mainly £55-£75/t up to £80-£100/t in some regions.”

Grade 2 material has seen increased movement over the week and is trading between £30-£50/t. Poorer-grade stocks continue to be low at £20-£25/t.

Piper is dominating the bag market, with most sales between £35-£60/t, although poor-quality is at £25-£30/t.

Top whites and washed samples are trading between £65-£80/t, and best reds are at £75-£100/t.

Growers keeping best-quality stocks in store helped the BPC weekly GB ex-farm average price inch up by 45p to £67.73/t. Further increases were hampered by ample supplies.

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