Stone and clod change in stars

17 September 1999

Stone and clod change in stars

LATEST development from the Richard Pearson camp is an update for its stone and clod separator.

The Megastar Actiflow has a new design of stars which spread lifted soil more evenly across the width of the machine by adding an element of lateral movement to the soil.

The result, says the company, is a more vigorous action and more efficient separation of stones and clods from potato beds.

Key to the system is the construction of the star, which now has alternate long and short fingers. The longer fingers are sequenced on each star roller to create a spiral effect to move soil laterally as it passes through the machine.

Not only does this improve separation but also reduces wear on specific areas of the stars.

Wear characteristics are also claimed to have been improved by making the stars with a new harder wearing compound. Richard Pearson says, Duropol offers resistance to abrasion in all working temperatures and soil conditions.

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