Stop now, says protest pioneer

10 November 2000

Stop now, says protest pioneer

By FWi staff

A FARMER who led protests against fuel tax levels two months ago has called on protesters to halt their present action.

Brynle Williams said Government concessions in the pre-Budget statement do not go far enough, but believes dialogue is the best way forward

This plea comes after 70 lorries and tractors set off from Tyneside on Friday (10 November) morning to petition the Government in London over fuel tax.

But Mr Williams told the BBC World at One programme that, rather than driving through the flood-hit country, it would be better to talk with ministers.

“The British public has suffered enough,” said the leader of Septembers protests at an oil refinery in Stanlow in Cheshire.

The producer from Cilcain, North Wales, admitted that his comments may not be popular, but said he had not become involved in the protest to be popular.

Mr Williams acknowledged that he did not have authority over the protesters, but questioned whether anyone could claim leadership over the disparate group.

Reports earlier this week claimed that ministers planned to use Mr Williams as a mediator if the pre-Budget statement provoked anger from protesters.

Meanwhile, the Ananova website reports that police will form a massive exclusion zone around London to stop fuel protesters entering the city centre.

It adds that police have started a clampdown on slow moving vehicles taking part in the protest convoy.

One vehicle taking part in a demonstration in Newcastle was removed by police because it was travelling too slowly, police said.

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