Stopping scour in half of the time…

31 August 2001


Traditional pig semen service on offer

AN AI service is now available for traditional breeds of pedigree pigs, with fresh semen supplied from Northern Ireland, says the British Pig Association and the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, who have co-ordinated the initiative.

Tamworth, Berkshire, Middle White and Gloucestershire Old Spot semen is being offered by Deerpark Pedigree Pigs. And the NPAs Marcus Bates says Large Black and British Saddleback semen will be available in six weeks.

Supplies from these animals will also be added to the RBSTs Regeneration Bank, which requires £2.5m to significantly improve the collection and storage of rare breed genetic material.

The semen is available to BPA and RBST members and costs £20 for three bottles (028-7938 6287, fax 028-7938 6511).

Fishmeal out, soya meal in, says firm

FISHMEAL is being replaced by rumen protected soya meal in feed supplements for beef and dairy cattle, says manufacturer Banks Cargill.

The range of products has been developed in response to the ban on fishmeal in ruminant diets from Aug 1, explains the company.

The soya meal provides levels of digestible undegradable protein equal to that provided by fishmeal. All diets also include palm oil which is said to boost feed energy levels.

Soyenergy Beef is best suited to high forage rations where good liveweight gain is required, says Banks Cargill.

Soyenergy Dairy is said to improve both milk yield and proteins and its low ash content will not interfere with calcium and other mineral metabolism.

Hi Yield Dairy has an additional Omega 3 fatty acid blend which boost energy for performance and improved fertility, it says.

Supplements are available in 25kg plastic bags as a free-flowing meal. Feeds cost £346/t, £386/t and £396/t respectively (01522-556100, fax 01522-868244).

Stopping scour in half of the time…

SCOURING calves can be treated with an electrolyte product which also contains an anti-diarrhoeal agent to quickly stop scour, says Forum Products who market Scourproof.

The product treats scour at the same time as rehydrating the calf, resulting in a quick recovery rate so a course of treatment costs less than most other electrolyte products, claims the company.

A trial done at the Royal Veterinary College is said to have shown that diarrhoea in calves, caused by E coli, cleared up in 2.6 days using Scourproof, compared with 5.8 days using another product. Other trials showed the product to stop scouring faster than combined antibiotic and electrolyte therapy, says the company.

The product is available through vets and a treatment course of 3.5 sachets costs less than £8 (01737-773711, fax 01737-770053).

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