Store well, use on time

10 January 1997

Store well, use on time

A VACCINES efficacy depends on how it is stored and administered.

"Most vaccines will be inactivated when left in direct sunlight and each must be stored within the temperature range detailed on the label," says Mark White. "When a maximum storage temperature of 25C is stipulated, the vaccine must be kept in a cool, locked cupboard.

"A fridge is needed to keep vaccines at temperatures between 2C and 8C. The temperature of the fridge should be monitored carefully and it must also be locked."

All drugs should be used within the date specified on the label. After that time they will not work, so Mr White recommends that only the quantity that can be used within the date on the label should be bought.

"When administering vaccines a disposable needle should be used and this needle must be clean and sharp, otherwise you may introduce more infections into the pigs bloodstream," he says. "But when cleaning automatic syringes, the cylinder should only be washed with warm water and not with a cleaning chemical because any residues will inactivate vaccines."

By law, use of all treatments – including iron injections and drugs administered via feed or water – must be recorded. "The date and drug used, withdrawal period and the earliest slaughter date must all be noted and signed," he adds. &#42

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